Late Shree Lal Khatuwala            (1914 to 1986)

Late Shree Lal Khatuwala was the chief land donor and was the main founder of Shree Koderma Goushala Samiti. He has established this Goushala with a mission to protect India’s most revered animal ‘Cow’. Cows rescued from Slaughter houses not only get a fresh lease of life, but also a royal treatment at the Goushala.

Late Shree Lal Khatuwala was a visionary man. A legendary miner engaged in Mining and Trading of Mica minerals. At a time when people were afraid to go to big cities from village he not only started his business overseas of selling Raw Mica & Mica Products but his company was one of the first exporters of Mica in the whole country. He was not only a successful businessman but also a great philanthropist.

One man thinking made the difference to these mute animals which are rescued / escaped from the jaws of their death. Thanks to his efforts today more than 180- 350 such animals take shelter and the number is increasing by the day.

In India ‘COW’ is considered a sacred animal. It is worshipped and revered. Reverence for the cow is an important feature of India’s biggest religion Hinduism. For Hindus, the killing of as cow is a serious crime. The ‘Arthashashtra’ refers to the killing of cattle as a crime worthy of death. This explains why during the Second World War, “American servicemen in Calcutta were instructed that if a traffic situation arose in which the driver had a choice of striking a cow or a human, hit the human and proceed without stopping to a police station”. Such is the reverence of Cow in this nation. But, off late they have been slaughtered and its beef is exported.

As part of his other philanthropic activities he was also the founder of “Shree Sankat Mochan Trust Mandir”, Jhumri Telaiya which is till date the biggest Hindu Temple in the city having idols of all Hindu gods and now being maintained by his Family members. He had also donated land for various other charitable activities and temples across the country and overseas. He was notable in his caste and religion and was also one of the founder members of Agarwal Samaj, Jhumri Telaiya.