Welcome to Shree Koderma Goushala Samiti

GouShala or GauShala,is a Sanskrit word, means the adobe or sancturay for the cows and its progeny as calves and oxen. In Sanskrit (and Hindi/Punjabi): गोशाला ; गौ+शाला Gau means Cow, Shala means a sanctuary.

Shree Koderma Goushala Samiti is the sanctuary or the abode for old, sick, abandoned and stray cows and its progeny. It is located in town Jhumri Telaiya, District: Koderma – 825409 in the state of Jharkhand. It was established in the year 1950 by Late Shree Lal Khatuwala and Late Shri Badri Prasad Ji Phatesaria, and is spread in 44 acres of land donated by prominent people, Late Shree Lal Khatuwala being the chief donor.

Shree Koderma Goushala Samiti was registered under the Bihar Goushala Act 1950, Section 6 with registration number: 90 dated: 25.05.1955 and later under Jharkhand Gouseva aayog adhiniyam 2005, section 14, with registration number: 04/2015-16 dated 31.08.2015.

Shree Koderma Goushala Samiti, gives a new meaning to the concept of cow protection. It is a place where cows who just escaped from the jaws of their death, get a decent life and royal treatment. No one can imagine a better life than what they get at this well maintained cow shelter. One needs to see it to believe it. It is one of the best in Jharkhand and most well maintained in the country. Shree Koderma Goushala Samiti is the most hygienic Goushala one can ever see in the country.

Apart from providing a home for the cattle, the Goushala also rescues the animals meant for illegal and merciless slaughtering, after being transported in cattle lorries under extremely cruel conditions, with no food and water for days, standing huddled together, stamped to unconsciousness or death – and often made to walk for miles with starvation. The Goushala is an effort to care for these kind, innocent, gentle and lovely animals that today are the victims and a gainful conduit for so many unlawful means.

Shree Koderma Goushala Samiti has 148 no of cows 45 calves. These numbers keeps on changing as the goushala keeps donating these animals to village people who agree to take care of the cows. The Milk from these cows is sold in local market and also to members of Goushala Samiti and all the revenue generated is being used for the betterment of Goushala. Employing about 10 staffs and 20 workers, about 8.5 tons of Kutti a day is fed to the animals sheltered at the Goushala. The monthly fodder bill along runs into few lakhs, which is being contributed by revenue generated from sale of milk and by philanthropists. To take care of these animals health, veterinary doctors and a Cow Ambulance is housed at the cow shelter.

Shree Koderma Goushala samiti organizes Gopastmi Mela in the month of Oct- Nov every year. It is normally a weeklong event which engages the whole city and gets footfall of more than a lakh people. The event comprises of Kavi samelan, Rides for Kids, different dances and cultural programs, God Idols etc.